Websites designed for a desktop computer typically do not perform well on mobile devices, unless they have been made mobile friendly.


When a website is designed we take into consideration the various platforms that will be used to view the website and the many different operating system versions. Unfortunately, this does not always translate well to a mobile device, no matter how hard we try.


With a mobile website design or "App", a mobile user visits your website on a mobile device, they automatically display the website in a format specifically designed for their device. One website that serves multiple devices, and only one website to maintain because website assets are shared between mobile and desktop versions.


As mobility and convenience becomes more and more pertinent and widespread, search engines want to deliver the best results. They will prioritize a mobile or mobile-optimized site ahead of one the renders poorly on a mobile device which will affect your ranking and ultimately your business.


Mobile devices' offer unique capabilities to serve your mobile visitors better. Some of the most frequently used features regularly used for mobile is Click-to-call, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Sales, Locator and Directions/Map.


Take a look at the image below which depicts a desktop website and the same website rendered in an iPhone. You will see that the website viewed on the iPhone is geared for a mobile user and directs them immediately to areas of interest.














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