Since 1995, The Chalifour Design Group, LLC has focused on the small to medium sized business. With hundreds of websites and countless marketing projects, we have garnered the respect of many business owners nationwide. This is due in large part to our ability to service our customers in such a way that they feel like our only customer.


The Chalifour Design Group, LLC is rich in sales and marketing experience. We combine this experience with strong design and programming skills to create a website with legs. We also combine the business models of an advertising agency, a web design company and a full service graphic design firm to create a complete solution for our customers. All mediums (website, brochure, catalog, logo, etc.) have a clear, distinct and congruent identity, focus and message. Through diligent research, we determine the appropriate advertising and marketing options based on needs and customer resources. These options are presented to the customer for discussion and approval.


Creating an effective website is more than just creating the website itself. The website needs to be integrated into the business and utilized, monitored and adjusted in virtually the same way a sales person or department is monitored. In essence, the website, if positioned correctly, could potentially be responsible for a majority of the companies sales leads.












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