Letterheads, brochures, pocket folders, birthday cards, catalogs, banners, business cards and more! The Chalifour Design Group, LLC takes pride in our print work, from small print jobs to extremely large ones.


We can provide high-quality marketing materials produced by award-winning creative talent. Your company can have a staff of experts at your fingertips using the latest printing and mailing technologies. We can walk you through every process from conception, design, production, distribution, to measuring the results. Imagine having ALL this without having to add a full-time marketing staff to your payroll. The Chalifour Design Group, LLC comes to the table with over 25 years of sales and marketing experience.


Our small business marketing pros help you develop cost-effective print communications and marketing programs that take full advantage of our in-house graphic design, advanced printing services and mailing capabilities. We'll guide you to determine the right role for marketing your business. And, develop creative strategies that meet your goals in the most targeted and practical ways.


The ideal logo design needs to speak to you, stimulate your visual appetite, and remain in your memory long after it has been seen. Your logo is your corporate identity and needs to fit you and your company. Customers and future customers need to recognize this identity immediately. We have designed logos for companies both large and small. Our talented design staff works diligently with the customer to create a logo that matches the company identity, style and colors. We take the time to find out exactly what you are looking for in a logo. You may have a few ideas and a basic concept, a specific design in mind or you may be completely open for suggestions.


Your image really matters. Therefore, your logo needs to tell a story. Your corporate identity only has a few seconds to impress people. Your logo design is priceless. Your logo designer is paramount to your success.













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